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Quantifying growth of spruce saplings in spruce-birch stands under different environmental conditions in the sub-boreal spruce zone: technical report
Green, Scott
We propose to examine the dynamics between deciduous and coniferous trees in mixed-species stands under different environmental conditions to clarify the interactions between environment and density-dependent, competitive relations in mixedwood stands in the Sub-Boreal Spruce zone. The goal is to provide new scientific understanding of mixedwood stand dynamics leading to improved management guidelines that will enhance understory conifer production in mixedwood stands, while enhancing the sustainability of these naturally occurring forests. The underlying assumption of this study is that the relationship between deciduous-tree density and growth of conifer crop trees differs across key environmental gradients (e.g., slope aspect, elevation, continentality), and that these relations should be predictable due to links between environmental and physiological growth determinants. The findings of this study will be transferred to end users in an interactive and adaptive manner, which will provide the basis to refine the research objectives for the next phase of research that will target the development of a general model to predict site-specific conifer performance in mixed stands in the SBS zone. Scott Green.
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