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Designing mixedwood experiments: workshop proceedings, March 2, 1995, Delta-Pacific Conference Centre, Richmond, B.C.
Comeau, P.G.
A variety of approaches are currently being used to study the dynamics of conifer-broadleaved mixtures and key processes in mixedwood forests. The methodology used in any study must be tailored to the questions that the experiment is designed to answer and to the species being studied. However, standards are required to ensure that mixedwood studies are statistically sound so that project objectives are satisfied. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss designs and approaches appropriate for studying the dynamics of conifer-broadleaf mixtures in B.C. Several speakers shared their ideas and experiences using different approaches. Speakers discussed various methods being used, the merits of approaches that they have used, limitations they have encountered, and possible alternatives. This report contains written summaries of the presentations made during the workshop.
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