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Summary report submission to Yun Ka Whu?ten Holdings Ltd.
Tesera Systems Inc.
This project entails the implementation of a survey that will assist the Public Advisory Groups (PAGs) identify appropriate criteria and indicators, measures, targets and thresholds for sustainable forest management and monitoring by identifying the local public?s preferences for sustainable forest management (SFM) measures and targets. The survey will solicit information about: - the public?s knowledge about, and preferences for, forestry and SFM; - the public?s underlying beliefs about sustainability; - how local forests are being used by local people; and, - the public?s opinions on the relative importance of the social, ecological, and economic criteria and indicators. The survey will be overseen and implemented by the University of BC. The survey was developed as phase one of this work plan last year out of the Radium Division. prepared by Tesera Systems Inc.
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Anahim Supply Block SFMP Scenario Building and Forecasting Resultant File Update
Sustainable Forest Management Scenarios
Scenario Building and Forecasting Long Term Access Management Plan Preparation
Timber Harvesting Landbase Definition
Scenario Concensus

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