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Grasses of the Columbia Basin of British Columbia
Stewart, H.
The Grasses of the Columbia Basin of British Columbia A checklist of 152 grass species for the Columbia Basin region was developed using the specimen database at the Royal British Columbia Museum Herbarium. This represents approximately 67 percent of the grass flora in the province of British Columbia. From this study it was determined that only 25 percent of the grass flora in the Columbia Basin region are introduced species. Each record in the checklist has an associated specimen housed at the Herbarium, except in the case of several of the Red-and Blue-listed specimens described in Douglas et al.(1998).The naming follows Douglas et al . (1994) in most cases, but some genera were changed to reflect changes in taxonomic thinking. Non-technical descriptions and keys were written and maps generated for each species. The maps were generated using a Geographic Information System from the geographic coordinates in the database records. The base map is from the Watershed Atlas data available in digital format from the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks website. The watershed base map was clipped to the study area determined by the Living Landscapes program for the Columbia Basin region at the museum and the point data from the database were added. The map points represent actual specimen locations that can be traced back to a herbarium sheet. Many species that show limited distribution may prove to be more widely distributed as a result of more extensive field work. Illustrations are provided for both the key species and individual species.
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