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Species At Risk Accounts Update in Prince George Timber Supply Area
Timberline Natural Resource Group Ltd.
Canfor?s Species at Risk Management Program has been in evolution since 2001. Canfor participates in two Sustainable Forest Management Plans on the PG TSA land base and is actively involved in the associated Public Advisory Groups. Both plans currently have a number of indicators linked to the administration of the Species at Risk (SAR) program. As one of the tenets of the CSA certification standard state that a key in the quality of an indicator is feasibility- ?the process for monitoring indicators should be practical, cost effective and efficient (Section The PG TSA FIA working group, with Canfor leading the initiative, is seeking to write comprehensive SAR Accounts, which include habitat identification and management strategies. This project will consolidate and coordinate previous field guides and management strategies reports into a single, comprehensive SAR Accounts and Habitat Strategies document, making the guidance provided more user friendly. Concurrently, it would be appropriate to provide some more direction on element occurrence specifications and conservation value for those plant communities most commonly observed in the PG TSA. These updates are seen as being important for ensuring the administration of the SAR program remains streamlined.
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38 Plant Species at Risk
Element Occurrence Specifications (Draft)
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