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Monitoring rationale for values under the SFM framework
Wells, Ralph W.
This project 1; Creates a set of scientifically credible rationales for the monitoring of the SFM Framework indicators and measures that can be adapted for use in the development of local SFM Plans for CanFor's BC operations 2; Develops a cost-effective monitoring plan for each indicator identified by the Quesnel SFM Plan with direction for implementation implemented by forest practitioners 3; Identifies priorities or knowledge gaps where current data/protocols/availability and recommend strategies for addressing those gaps 4; Identifies linkages between monitoring plans and forecasting protocols and information management requirement. prepared by Ralph W. Wells.
Report Number
Criterion 2 - Ecosystem Productivity
Criterion 3 - Carbon Monitoring Rationale (Draft)
Criterion 4 - Sustaining Timber Economics
Criterion 5 - Non-timber Economics
Criterion 6 - Local Economy Diversification
Criterion 7 - Decision Making
Criterion 8 - First Nations Values
Criterion 9 - Quality of Life
Criterion Report (All sections)
Summary of Monitoring Approaches
Project Submission Summary
Criterion 1 - Biological Richness

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