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Wells Gray Community Forest OGMA Optimization Project
Timberline Natural Resource Group Ltd.
The Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation (WGCFC) is interested in evaluating the old growth management areas (OGMA?s) that are being established on their community forest licence. The licensees within the Kamloops TSA are negotiating changes to OGMA?s across the TSA. This process is continuing, so OGMA locations are in flux. The Community Forest is not included in the TSA process, as it is a separate area-based tenure. However, prior to OGMA locations being finalized, the Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation would like a better understanding of how the proposed OGMA?s fit their management objectives and to also understand the timber supply impact of alternative OGMA scenarios. Timberline has developed a framework for adjusting OGMA locations to reduce timber supply impacts while respecting non-timber resource values. The OGMA?s are ranked and evaluated to provide decision support whether the OGMA's best meet the environmental, social and economic values of the tenure. The original process for establishing the OGMA?s would have followed a process that was conceptually similar. However, a further examination may find opportunities to improve upon the stated objectives of OGMA?s by deviating from some components of the standard, such as the landscape unit and BEC targets derived from the ILMB OGMA dataset.
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Wells Gray Community Forest OGMA Optimization summary report
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