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Exemplary Water Monitoring Program Project 11: Cross-referencing community drinking water wells with IA aquifers
Maxwell, Jennifer; Wei, Mike
The Exemplary Water Monitoring Program was developed in March 2002 to enhance monitoring of surface and groundwater sources. This document describes the objectives, scope, methodology, and outcomes of Project 11 of this Water Monitoring Program. Project 11 was to cross-reference information on community wells withdrawing water from each of the 19 IA aquifers (identified as such according to the British Columbia Aquifer Classification System). Among the conclusions of this document are that there are 147 community wells and one spring withdrawing water from IA aquifers in the province, and that 73 of these have been recommended for the expanded Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network. This document concludes with the following recommendations: review wells recommended for inclusion in the Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network in each IA aquifer, identify the best sampling point for each well, visit the proposed monitoring wells and affix Source ID Plates to all wells that do not already have a plate, take note of any landmass near each monitoring well that may impact local groundwater quality, and check well integrity, ensure that individuals sampling wells and sending samples to the laboratory know correct information and procedures, establish a field quality assurance program for samples collected, provide training to purveyors in EMS Web Reporting, establish protocols for providing water quality results to each well owner and health authority, sample each well at least once a year, report annually on groundwater quality for each IA aquifer throughout the province, expand the Ambient Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network to all newly mapped and classified IA aquifers, and share this report with local EHOs that provided community water system information.
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Exemplary Water Monitoring Program - Part 1 of 2
Exemplary Water Monitoring Program - Part 2 of 2

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