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The Teal Jones Group (Teal) Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Plan
The Teal Jones Group
The objective of The Teal Jones Group (Teal) Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Plan is to provide a vehicle for transferring higher level sustainable forest management commitments to ground level commitments. One of the main drivers for Teal?s SFM Plan is The Teal Jones Group Environmental Policy. The policy reflects Teal?s commitment to sustainable management of the resources under their stewardship in a scientifically credible; environmentally, economically and socially responsible manner. In addition to rigorous legislation, regulations and policies, Teal has voluntarily chosen to apply additional standards to aid in the achievement of sustainable forest management; Teal has committed to meeting the Canadian Standards Association Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Z809-02 Standard. The Sustainable Forest Management Plan outlines: Teal?s approach to achieve sustainable forest management; the current state of the Defined Forest Area (DFA); as well as, the local values, objectives, indicators, and targets of Sustainable Forest Management developed through the public participation process. Area of interest is the Honeymoon Bay Operations.
Report Number
Teal SFM Plan - March 2010
Appendix 1 - Values, Objectives, Indicators & Targets Summary Tables
Appendix 2 - Detailed Indicator Descriptions & Results
SFMP Responsibility Matrix
Minutes of SIPAG Meeting 22, September 16, 2009
Minutes of SIPAG Meeting 23, November 23, 2009
Minutes of SIPAG Meeting 24, February 24, 2010 [unratified]

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