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Prescriptions for Restoration for Sections of the Lower Copper Creek Central Basin, QCI
Grainger, Karen L.
Potential stream restoration and railroad deactivation opportunities in an area of second growth proposed forest development were identified in a 2005 hydrologic assessment of the Copper Creek Basin (Moresby Island) and precipitated this project. Detailed fish habitat assessment in March 2008 showed the unnamed tributary to Copper Creek to contain low numbers of coho salmon (CO) (Oncorhynchus kisutsh), coastal cutthroat trout (CT) (O. clarki clarki) rainbow trout (RB) (O. mykiss), Dolly Varden char (DV) (Salvelinus malma), and prickly sculpin (CAS) (Cottus asper). Nevertheless obtained fish data are similar to majority of small coastal systems. The survey was conducted during low flow conditions allowing collection of good quality data. Based on detailed measurements, this second order creek is a typical coastal intermediate RPc-w (riffle-pool-cobble-wood morphology) stream with appropriate pool distribution, velocities, and discharge and average signs of disturbance or instability. While LWD is not abundant (1.7 pieces/channel width), it is adequate (65 pieces over 215m). This 5.5 m wide stream contains sufficient habitat to support resident CT and DV and is not large enough to provide for significant CO population. Estimated fish densities ranged from 0.45 to 13.3 fish per 100 mē of individual units and were within the average fish density range for the coastal streams. In addition Reach 1 does not contains suitable CO spawning habitat and only small patches of spawning gravels are sufficient for an opportunistic use by the resident species. Limited but usable CO spawning habitat was identified in reach 2.
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Prescriptions for Restoration for Sections of the Lower Copper Creek Central Basin, QCI
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