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Water Quality Effectiveness Evaluations and Culvert Inspections
Koch, Kevin
123 stream crossings were surveyed in the southern Kitwanga River Watershed for fish passage using the Fish Passage-Culvert Inspection (Parker 2000) and for sediment risk using the Water Quality Effectiveness Evaluation (Carson et al. 2007). Two crossings on suspected fish bearing streams were classified as barriers with further habitat and fish assessment recommended. Six of 104 crossings surveyed ranked from moderate to extreme sediment risk, 59 ranked low risk, and the remainder were zero risk. Remedial recommendations included grass seeding, bioengineering, road deactivation and constructing waterbars. Overall, current fish passage and sediment risks are considered minimal for this part of the watershed, with regards to forestry roads. However, absence of fish caught with gee trapping indicates potential blockages downstream, possibly at highway crossings, and is an area needing further investigation. Future sedimentation risk is considerable as road crossings age and deteriorate, and could eventually release into the watershed if not maintained or removed.
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