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Towards best practices for public processes in sustainable forest management
Sheppard, Stephen Richard John
This project aims to improve awareness of effective or promising public processes in planning for sustainable forestry, as a first step towards developing Best Practices for public involvement and accountable decision-making in forest resource management. In particular, the research focused on disseminating information on relevant methods and study findings related to public involvement and supporting computer visualisation as a powerful tool for communications, education, analysis, and design for use by First Nations, local communities, government, and industry. The work draws upon recent and ongoing applied research on collaborative planning methods in sustainable forest management (SFM). The intent of this project was to develop initial results and recommendations documented in Year 1 that will lay the foundation for new and continued research in Years 2 and 3, and to conduct further rigorous testing, validation, and peer review of promising visualisation and public involvement techniques in British Columbia. This would confirm how effective various techniques and approaches are in facilitating decision-making and public acceptance: do they actually work, and are they worth doing, relative to the cost and difficulty of the process? This would ultimately contribute to scientifically based Best Practice guidelines for public involvement in BC?s forest management. Stephen R.J. Sheppard..
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