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Road Deactivation Assessment, 'Interim Report', TFL 47, Block 17, Bonanza Lake
Ferguson, Del
Permanent deactivation layout was conducted on roads within the Bonanza Lake area of Tree Farm Licence #47 Block 17 located within North Vancouver Island. The objectives of this project were as follows: 1) Prescribe remedial actions to restore hillslope hydrology to the fullest extent as practical along each road through re-establishment of the natural drainages and removal of all old intact drainage structures. 2) Marking of the location of road fillslope materials where indicators of instability were observed or where landslides could occur in the future that could impact resource values. 3) Enhance site productivity where appropriate. 4) Clearly summarize all findings, deactivation prescriptions, and recommendations, within comprehensive detailed Reports (four bound copies with maps and a digital copy in PDF format with digital maps in shapefile and PDF format) and include a Project Completion Abstract.
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Interim Report
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