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Operational field trial: field stream classification (Poulin) for Peace Forest District (Dawson)
V.A. Poulin and Associates Ltd.
The purpose of this project was to undertake operational trials of the risk management tool: 'Stream Classification (Poulin) for the Peace (Dawson) Forest District'. The tool was developed by V.A. Poulin & Associates Ltd. with funding provided by Forest Investment Account (FIA) through Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd. (LP), Forest Resources Division, Dawson Creek, West Fraser Mills (CFI) Ltd., Chetwynd, British Columbia and Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Ft. Nelson). The tool provides forest technicians and consultants with an operational screening procedure that can classify non-fish bearing streams in the absence of a fish stream survey. The process is analogous to a Local Area Agreement (LAA) under the Forest Practices Code, but no such agreement was formulated within the Dawson Timber Supply Area. Forest technicians and consultants were trained in the procedure and requested to use the methodology during the 2005 field season. A sub-sample of sites they worked were monitored. The study team examined completed cards and obtained independent measurements to evaluate their use of the method and consistency in the determinations. Work by the study team was supported at some sites with fish sampling to confirm or deny the presence or absence of fish at a site. This report presents the results of the monitoring and makes several recommendations with regard to use of the field card and measurements required to generate a site rating. prepared by V.A. Poulin.
Report Number
Operational Field Trial Report
Field Stream Classification Report (Draft)

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