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Morice and Lakes timber supply areas
Tesera Systems Inc.
This document is the third annual Sustainable Forest Management Report for the Morice & Lakes Innovative Forest Practices Agreement (M&L IFPA) and addresses two years of reporting sustainable forest management (SFM) indicators on both the Morice and the Lakes Timber Supply Area (TSA) land bases. A substantial amount of investment and effort has gone into the development of an SFM Plan for each TSA. With the implementation of the SFM Plans now underway, a significant amount of work is required to ensure that the forest management methods and practices being used are aligned with the SFM Plans and that they are performing as expected. Both of the SFM Plans outline SFM performance indicators and targets that the partner licensees of the M&L IFPA have oriented with their forest management operations. An important aspect of SFM is continual improvement, and the monitoring and reporting of measurable SFM indicators is a critical element in evaluating the overall SFM system being used and seeking opportunities for its improvement. prepared by Tesera Systems Inc.
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Morice and Lakes TSAs - Technical Indicator Report
Sustainable Forest Management Plan
Morice and Lakes Timber - Technical Indicator Monitoring Report

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