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Impact of mountain pine beetle on stand dynamics in British Columbia
Hawkes, Brad
A three-year research project was established in 2001 to examine the impact of mountain pine beetle on stand dynamics in British Columbia and southern Alberta. The project had three components: assessments of the effects of mountain pine beetle on stand dynamics; projection of mountain pine beetle impacts on stand and fuel dynamics with PrognosisBC and the Fire and Fuels Extension; and estimation of mountain pine beetle outbreak and fire return intervals. Permanent sample plots were re-measured after 10-19 years since establishment in 31 mountain pine beetle-affected stands in the Chilcotin Plateau, Kamloops and Nelson Forest Regions, and Kootenay and Waterton Lake National Parks. New permanent plots were established in 15 currently affected stands in Manning Provincial Park and Entiako Protected Area. In total, 1631 lodgepole pine and non-host tree species cores were used to determine growth-release periods. In total, 272 tree cross-sections were examined and cross-dated for mountain pine beetle scars with 127 identified. This paper provides a summary of the project results. Brad Hawkes.
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