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Road deactivation - Memekay River Watershed, Vancouver Forest Region
Bodnar, Brad
Permanent deactivation including removal of a collapsing bridge, various levels of pullback, and construction of drainage structures (waterbars, cross ditches, and re-establishment of streams). Road deactivations of branch roads was carried out to reduce the likelihood of landslides or sedimentation to a low level. Resources at risk consisted of the fish bearing waters of the Memekay River Watershed. Branch road C705 East and West were constructed to access timber on the West side of the Memekay River. Both roads traverse steep slopes which are comprised of cohesive basal tills. Two previous landslides on C705 East had directly delivered sediment to the Memekay River. As well, large tension cracks (1m depth x 2m offset) indicated that future landslides were a high risk on the road. Additionally a 20m bridge across the Memekay River was in advanced stages of decay and was at risk of falling into the river. Branch road C510 crossed several S6 streams with older falling wooden culverts. As well, C510 crossed one S2 stream (tributary to the North Memekay River) which had witnessed a large debris flow that removed the original bridge crossing and altered the stream's natural course. Branch roads C705 E&W and C510 were permanently deactivated and vehicle access blocked.
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