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Field Manual for Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems
BC Ministry of Environment Lands and Parks and BC Ministry of Forests - Research Branch
This version has been replaced by the Second Edition. This manual has been prepared to assist field surveyors in the completion of the Ecosystem Field Forms, including site, soil, vegetation, mensuration, wildlife habitat assessment, tree attributes for wildlife, and coarse woody debris data forms. These are a series of forms for the collection of ecological data in British Columbia. The field manual is organized by section - one for each data form. The forms, as a package, are called Ecosystem Field Forms (FS882). The forms can be ordered from Government Publications (1-800-663-6105) and are numbered as follows: Site Description FS882(1) SITE Soil Description FS882(2) SOIL Vegetation FS882(3) VEG Mensuration FS882(4) MENS Wildlife Habitat Assessment FS882(5) WHA Tree Attributes for Wildlife FS882(6) TAW Coarse Woody Debris FS882(7) CWD References REF Ground Inspection FS212(2) - included as an insert- GIF The forms are designed to be used in various inventories, e.g., ecosystem classification, terrestrial ecosystem mapping, and wildlife habitat assessment. Not all the data fields on all the forms will be completed on every sample plot. Rather, project objectives will determine which forms and fields need to be completed. Likewise, project objectives will determine where and how plots are located.
Report Number
Land Management Handbook 25 (complete document)
Cover, Preface, Table of Contents (download in sections)
Site Description FS882(1)
Soil Description FS882(2)
Vegetation FS882(3)
Mensuration FS882(4)
Wildlife Habitat Assessment FS882(5)
Tree Attributes for Wildlife FS882(6)
Coarse Woody Debris FS882(7)

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