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Growth and Yield Prediction Systems
T.M. Thomson and Associates Ltd.
The Ministry of Forests is responsible for managing the forest resource to maximize the immediate and long-run social and economic benefits for all British Columbians. The satisfactory discharge of this responsibility depends, to a large extent, upon our ability to evaluate the productive capacity of the land base, to estimate both the present and future condition of the existing forest resource, and to develop forest management regimes that optimize future yield. This report briefly describes the growth and yield prediction systems in use for forest management planning within the Ministry. With increasing forest resource use pressures on an ever diminishing forest land base, it is imperative that foresters are aware of the Ministry's growth and yield prediction systems and their appropriate application and use. This report briefly describes the growth and yield prediction systems currently supplied by the British Columbia Ministry of Forests (MoF). Only those growth and yield prediction systems that generate estimates of stand volume are presented here. Site index curves, individual tree volume equations, and other important growth and yield tools are not described. This report is intended for MoF and licensee personnel who are involved in preparing or reviewing MoF growth and yield predictions. Therefore, the reader is assumed to be familiar with growth and yield terminology and concepts, especially as they relate to the situation in British Columbia. Throughout the report, synthesis of information is stressed rather than technical detail. Relevant background information is provided for the growth and yield prediction systems, and examples are given to illustrate their proper use.
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