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Forests for Tomorrow pilot project final synopsis: identification and prioritization of backlog openings for incremental silviculture investment opportunities using remote sensing techniques
Deschamps, Kerry
The impact of the current Mountain pine beetle infestation on the mid-term timber supply within the Prince George Timber Supply Area has been devastating. Investments in incremental silviculture activities (the application of cultural measures which in addition to simply maintaining the forest cover, will also allow for an increase in the value or volume of the cut) on backlog openings offer the potential for reducing the impact on what remains of the mid-term timber supply. A highly efficient use of limited investment funds for incremental silviculture can be made by identifying all opportunities and prioritizing them based on potential returns. In the case of silviculture investments on backlog openings, potential treatment opportunities of individual openings should be prioritized in relation to all treatment opportunities of all openings within the timber supply area. This ensures that investment funds are allocated to openings with the greatest return potential.
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