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Terrestrial gastropods as indicator species for monitoring biodiversity effects from variable retention harvesting practices
Ovaska, Kristiina
There have not been any changes to the original approved project. The main goal of the 2007-2008 phase of this project is to conduct post-logging surveys for gastropods at two remaining experimental sites (Goat Island, in Powell Lake, and Moakwa Creek, on northern Vancouver Island), thereby completing post-logging surveys at all six experimental sites where gastropods were sampled before logging. Post-logging surveys at the other four experimental sites were conducted successfully during the 2005 and 2006 field seasons, as part of this project. As per the original proposal, the surveys in 2007 will intensively sample three variable retention treatments, clearcut, and an uncut control (or reference) area at both sites. Also planned for 2007-2008 is the preparation of a final report of the results of the project and a manuscript for submission to a refereed scientific journal. The completion of post-logging surveys at the two remaining experimental sites will allow rigorous comparisons of the effects of different variable retention patterns and clearcut logging on this focal group. One possible contingency for the 2007-2008 field season is to conduct additional gastropod surveys at the East Yakoun experimental site on the Queen Charlotte Islands. This site was surveyed in the fall of 2006, but stormy weather made the last survey difficult to complete in a timely manner, and additional surveys were not possible. If the opportunity presents itself in the spring of 2007 (i.e., sampling stations from 2006 are still intact, and field technicians are available on the islands), then at least one spring survey will be conducted to bolster the data collected in 2006.
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