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Restoration and rehabilitation - riparian activity area Wilkie Face Channel restoration, Wilke Creek Watershed, Arrow Boundary District, Southern Interior Forest Region
Swan, Frances
The Wilkie Creek drainage was designated as a target watershed by MWLAP to protect regionally significant fish species and address impacts on the Trout Lake Community Watershed. Following this designation, several watershed level assessments were completed in 2001 under the FRBC WRP/EEV program, including the Wilkie Creek Restoration Plan (RP) and the Reconnaissance Channel Assessment Procedure (Re-CAP) for Wilkie Creek. A recent debris flow occurrence on the Wilkie Face tributary was identified during preparation of the Re-CAP. Restoration of the debris flow was identified as a priority in both the Restoration Plan and the Re-CAP. A restoration prescription was subsequently prepared in December 2001. The channel restoration work was tendered in the fall of 2002 (as part of a larger road deactivation contract) and scheduled for completion during the fisheries work window in 2003, per the prescription recommendations. To meet FIA standards, a qualified registered professional (QPR) reviewed the 2001 prescription in August 2003 prior to implementation of the works. The QPR report indicated that there was not sufficient rationale in the 2001 prescription to support the prescribed treatments and that the objectives of the prescription could not be met with a High likelihood of success, and it was recommended that those works not be undertaken. Concurrently, alterations to the existing road through the treatment area had been made by others to temporarily restore industrial access. The Branch 24 road surface and ditch were re-established and subsequently deactivated prior to implementing channel restoration work.
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