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Lakes District Watershed Sensitivity and Risk Assessment Project - Prioritizing Watershed Sensitivity
Beaudry, Pierre G.
The main purpose of this project is to rank and prioritize the sensitivity of watersheds within the Lakes Timber Supply Area. These rankings will support joint MoE and IFPA SFM Plan monitoring activities with respect to management of hydrological resources including restoration activities in the Lakes TSA. Specific objectives of this project are to: 1. Assess each of the 62 watersheds for their sensitivity relative to increased peak flows; and 2. Assess each of the 62 watersheds for their sensitivity relative to increases in fine sediment. The rationale for managing these objectives within an SFM plan is that these plans are routinely monitored and audited and doing so can be cost effective. This is consistent with the FIA objective of prioritizing sub-basins and reaches to identify high priority target watershed where restoration treatments are required and where the restoration treatments would have a high likelihood of being effective at meeting restoration objectives. A secondary objective is to assess the hazards and risks, within each of the watersheds, associated with potential for increased peak flows and increased sediment delivery.
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