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Mountain goat habitat supply modeling: developing an operational tool for sustainable forest management planning
Hengeveld, Pamela E.
This project continued development of an existing mountain goat habitat supply model (Goat HSM; previously funded by FII). We completed preliminary assessments of the effectiveness of Goat HSM as a predictive tool, and evaluated the feasibility and effectiveness of implementing Goat HSM as an operational planning tool. Project design was based on collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders. The results serve resource managers and planners, and provide measurable progress toward a) validation and calibration of the model, b) developing standards for demonstrating due diligence and accountability in Forest Stewardship Plan submissions, and c) developing innovative policies and improved standards for establishing adaptive management strategies that balance timber supply and mountain goat habitat needs. The long-term goal is to develop a useful operational planning tool at the Forest Stewardship Plan level, and contribute toward developing adaptive management strategies that can be applied to other geographic areas. Pamela E. Hengeveld, Scott McNay.
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Mountain Goat Habitat Supply Modeling: Progress Report
Annual Progress Report

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