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Forest resources commission - background papers volume 2
Ministry of Forests
Background Papers - Voume 2 Gaining Insight into Forest Land Use Conflicts with Decision Analysis - T. McDaniels. PHD (download Background Paper 01 below) The Use of Cost Benefit Analysis to Allocate Forest Lands Among Alternative Uses - W. T. Stanbury, Dr. Ilan Vertinsky, and H. Thille (download Background Paper 02 below) A Review of the British Columbia Crown Land Allocation and Management Planning Process - Dorli M. Duffy (download Background Paper 03 below) Multiple Accounts Analysis and Evaluation of Forest Land Use Conflicts - Dr. Thomas Gunton, G. C. Van Kooten, and S. Flynn (download Background Paper 04 below) Economic Valuation of Non-Market Values for Forest Planning - Dr. Thomas Gunton (download Background Paper 05 below) Tnuard Sustainable Water Planning and Management in British Columbia - Dr. J. C. Day and J. A. Affum (download Background Paper 06 below)
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