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Phases I to III pre-field project plan for reconnaissance (1:20 000) fish and fish habitat inventory: Incomappleux (Fish) River tributaries
Seaton, Paul
Pope & Talbot Ltd., Arrow Lakes Timber Division (Pope & Talbot) manages forest development activities on Tree Farm License 23 (TFL 23). As part of ongoing operational requirements, Pope & Talbot have completed fish sampling and riparian classification throughout much of the TFL (Ingersol 1998, 1999, 2000b, 2001). Pope & Talbot has supplemented this operational sampling with Forest Renewal BC (FRBC) and Forest Investment Account (FIA) fish inventory programs (Ingersol 2000a, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005; Ingersol and Columbia 2002, 2003; Kokanee 2000, 2001; Timberland 2004; Wildstone 1998). After reviewing the results of these projects, Pope & Talbot identified gaps in known fish distribution, and selected several reaches for follow-up sampling (see Appendix 1 and Section 2 for a description of site selection). Fish and fish habitat inventory is intended to provide information regarding fish species characteristics, distributions and relative abundance, as well as stream reach biophysical data for interpretation of habitat sensitivity and capability for fish production. Specifically, the main objectives of this follow-up inventory are to: Address data gaps in known fish distributions; Provide information vital to the protection and management of fish species and populations; Provide information for the development of landscape level biodiversity objectives; and Provide riparian management area classification as for the purpose of forest development planning. prepared by Paul Seaton.
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Phases I to III Pre-Field Project Plan
Follow up Sampling on TFL 23
Incomappleux Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory (Phase 4-6)

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