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Integrated Visual Design Planning from a portion of the Middle River within the Fort St. James Forest District
Hales, Shaun
The IVD planning process proposes a long term harvest plan that meets the regulatory standards associated with the scenic areas on an ongoing basis. The plan considers the current Mountain Pine Beetle infestation by targeting infested stands first and addressing non-susceptible stands in subsequent harvesting passes. Referral letters were sent to interest parties in the area. No responses were received. The lack of social input has been addressed in the plan by planning the development of the visual polygons to meet Section 1.1 of the Forest Planning and Practices Regulation (FPPR) and to be consistent with the other known resource values. The plan does not require an application to the Minister, under Section 12(7) of the FPPR, to salvage timber beyond the extent practicable to meet the visual polygon standards. The scope of the project applies to the planning of blocks within the applicable scenic areas. Modeling of the total chance blocks will test the accuracy and location of the scenic areas. The block designs are based on aerial photography analysis and a review of the total chance development of the area. The block locations will require field verification. Field verification of planned blocks is outside the scope of this project.
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Final Report
Middle River Block Design Map
Middle River-Constraints Map.
Middle River - Visible Areas

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