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Carrier Lumber Fish Passage Inventory, Phase 1, Upper Fraser Watershed
DWB Forestry Services Ltd.
In March 2009, DWB Consulting Services Ltd. (DWB) was retained by Carrier Lumber Ltd. (Carrier) to conduct an office assessment of every stream crossing found within two watersheds, the Holmes River Watershed and Kiwa Creek Watershed, located in their McBride and Valemount-Kinbasket Operating areas (DWB 2009). Following this project, DWB was further retained to continue the assessment for the rest of the Upper Fraser Watershed Group. This assessment involves Phase 1 of a Fish Passage Culvert Inventory Project for the rest of the Upper Fraser Watershed and focuses on the methodology outlined in the Ministry of Environment?s Fish Passage Protocol for Culverted Sites (MoE June 2008). In addition, part of Phase 3 is also included in this report as fish stream information was researched to eliminate crossings in the area. This work is funded through the Forest Investment Account (FIA) program and therefore follows the general FIA standards (FS 1001). This report details the methodology used to determine stream crossings found within the area and the resources used to determine which of these crossings require additional field assessment. This report will outline the general project area and give detailed information about each crossing location. Appendices 1 and 2 contain maps of the project area. Appendix 3 lists the crossings requiring field assessment, whereas, Appendix 4 lists all the crossings located in the project area showing those which have been eliminated and therefore do not meet the criteria.
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