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SIGY annual report: fiscal 2005-06
Basaraba, Dave
There were no changes in SIGY membership during 2005-06. The Forest Investment Account - Land Base Investment Program (FIA-LBIP) once again provided the Co-op?s main source of project funds. SIGY managed one FIA-LBIP project with West Fraser (Quesnel) acting as lead licensee to receive and disburse funds on behalf of the Co-op. The 28 separate FIA-LBIP allocation transfers from licensee members netted $88.0K of the target $100K budget. Licensee transfers were proportional to member Forest License AACs in the Southern Interior Forest Region ($0.01/m3). The number of non-contributing members increased once again over the previous year. For the third year, the Crown (BC Timber Sales), Tolko (except Williams Lake Division) and LP Canada did not contribute funding. Gorman declined for the first time. CanFor sold its Slocan and Valemount operations. The Slocan purchaser, Springer Creek (non-member) contributed for 2005-06; the Valemount purchaser, Northwest Specialty (non-member) did not contribute. Non-member McBride Forest Industries (Robson) contributed for a third year. The 2005 AGM was held June 13 in Kamloops with 7 member representatives in attendance. The Board of Directors dropped to 5 as 3 terms expired and only 2 vacancies were filled. Steve Stearns-Smith.
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