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Ecosystem Restoration - Open Forest Types - Cascade Forest District
Thiem, Glenn
Our ecosystem restoration project is aimed at restoring ecosystem structure and function in order to restore rates of decomposition, nutrient cycling, and net primary production (the amount of vegetative matter produced) to natural levels. The restoration treatments are designed to reintroduce frequent, low-intensity fire into open forest and grassland ecosystems - a process which regulates the density, species composition, and amount and structure of dead biomass, and promotes nutrient cycling in forested ecosystems. This ecosystem restoration project was created to enhance and protect the following resource values: - First Nation plants and ecosystem values, - Native grassland integrity and associated critical wildlife habitat, - Timber quality and decreased susceptibility to insects and disease, - Forage quality and supply for wildlife and livestock, - Watershed biodiversity, healthy ecosystems, reduced fire risks and - Community and recreational resources. SOTSA185215; JOP 5215001
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Job Opportunities Program - project completion abstract
Ecosystem restoration prescription - BrakeCheck (map)
2HA grid - BrakeCheck (map)
Ecosystem restoration prescription - FivePastures (map)
2HA grid - FivePastures (map)
Ecosystem restoration prescription - Lundbom (map)
2HA grid - Lundbom (map)

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