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Lang Creek RRZ manual brushing
Brewer, Russell G.W.
SU1 is located within the Riparian Reserve Zone (RRZ) along the south-west bank of Lang Creek near Powell River. The area is located within FLA19228 in the Sunshine Coast TSA. Weyerhaeuser will implement the prescribed treatments with funding from Forest Renewal B.C. The two reaches of Lang Creek for which treatments are prescribed are class S1 and S2. The photo reference number is MB95004-221. Treatment area A is the western portion of the treatment area under this prescription. Lang Creek is a class S1 watercourse for those stream reaches adjacent to treatment area A. Stand level objectives are: Accelerate the succession towards old growth stand structure attributes and ecological processes. Improve the long-term shading and temperature moderation of Lang Creek. Reduce the occurrence of large alder debris jams in the creek and reduce the total organic carbon flush. Promote the development of variable age class stands along Lang Creek by establishing younger stands of conifers where existing conifer densities are low. Stabilize the bank and reduce surface run-off.
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