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Best management practices handbook: hillslope restoration in British Columbia
British Columbia Ministry of Forests
This document is intended to supplement and up-date Watershed Restoration Technical Circular No. 3 - Resource Road Rehabilitation Handbook: Planning and Implementation Guidelines (Interim Methods) by G.D. Moore, 1994. It is designed as a reference handbook to assist technical staff in developing and implementing the four main stages of hillslope restoration: Planning and Inventory, Field Assessments and Prescriptions, Implementation of Works, and Effectiveness Evaluation. Although the primary focus of the handbook is on hillslope restoration, information provided may be relevant to various aspects of existing and proposed forest development. This handbook represents a compilation of best management practices for hillslope restoration derived from Forest Renewal BC?s Watershed Restoration Program and concurrent operational practices. Emphasis is on a risk-based approach to hillslope restoration that achieves effective and cost-efficient restoration practices. The intention of this document is to provide the best available technical information on hillslope restoration, while remaining independent of any present, or future, government program or funding mechanism. As well, inclusion of any technical procedure in this document does not imply that the procedure is endorsed by, or eligible under, any government program or funding mechanism. Practitioners are responsible for ensuring that all work is carried out in compliance with all pertinent legislation and regulations. Material contained in this handbook does not constitute a standard. Rather, the techniques discussed are proven examples of practices that have been used for hillslope restoration. Practitioners are responsible for evaluating the suitability of the techniques for a given site or area. The Ministry of Forests wishes to solicit any comments, feedback or suggestions with respect to the content of this document. These can be provided by referring to the Feedback Request that follows the Annotated Bibliography, or by directly e-mailing Brendan Holden: ( at the Ministry of Forests. The document is formatted to allow periodic material updating. The readers should consult with local forest, fisheries and environment agencies to ensure that they have up-to-date information, or if more detail is required than is provided in this handbook.
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