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A Field Guide for Site Identification and Interpretation for the Vancouver Forest Region
Green, R.N.
This guide replaces Site Diagnosis, Tree Species Selection, an Slashburning Guidelines for the Vancouver Forest Region (1984). This revised guide consists of six main sections. Following the Introduction, Section 2 provides an overview of the BEC system. Section 3 outlines procedures for assessing sites. Included is a description of how to describe and analyze environmental and vegetation features of an ecosystem how to identify site series, and how to map sites for management purposes. Section 4 describes the biogeoclimatic units in the Region, emphasizing their distinguishing features. Section 5 provides a synopsis of all site units recognized in the Region, presented with edatopic grids and vegetation summary tables. Management interpretations are provided in Section 6. This includes information on silviculture, harvesting, wildlife and forest health. Finally, several appendices contain more detailed information on indicator plant analysis and site description.
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Land Management Handbook 28 (complete document)
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