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Routine effectiveness evaluation of aquatic restoration at Silver Creek
Jennings, Stephen M.
A Routine Effectiveness Evaluation (REE) was conducted on an instream restoration project at Silver Creek in February 2006. The 21 sites were constructed in July 2001 to improve habitat for coho, pink and chum salmon. Objectives were to improve rearing habitat by scouring pools, providing wood cover, protecting banks and deflecting flows as well as improve spawning habitat by providing holding pools and spawning sites. The sites were evaluated in 2003 with different methods and compared to current outcomes using FIA standards. Overall, the fair success at meeting site-specific objectives was considered substantial progress towards achieving watershed-level fish habitat goals. But complete restoration of the watershed is only possible with additional investment in maintenance, bridge deactivation and remediation in the short term as well as another significant investment of instream work and riparian treatments over the long term. prepared by S. Jennings.
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