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Analysis and Reporting of the Shawnigan Lake Fertilizer and Thinning Experiment
Omule, Stephen A.Y.
This proposed project is to report on the 32-year growth response of a coastal Doulas-fir stand to thinning (partial cutting), in the Shawnigan Lake Fertilizer and Thinning Experiment Project, also known as the Shawnigan Lake Project (SLP). The SLP was established in 1970 within the Shawnigan Lake Research Forest (SLRF) to study the short-term and long-term effects of fertilization and thinning on growth and yield, and to explain growth responses through ecosystem changes both above and below ground. The experimental design is divided into two components: a) the main experiment (two levels of thinning and two levels of nitrogen fertilization and controls (1971, 1972 plots), and b) subsidiary experiments (high levels of nitrogen fertilization and fertilization nitrogen phosphorous and sulfur (1982, 1987 NPS plots). The SLP is one of the most famous older silvicultural experiments in coastal British Columbia. It is one of the few well designed growth and yield experiments in coastal British Columbia that provide valuable growth response information over this extended period of observation. More than 70 reports have been published since the initiation of this project, greatly contributing to the understanding of the tree and stand response to thinning and fertilization. The most recent report (November 1996) documented the 24-year growth response. Two more plot remeasurements have been made since then. This proposed project aims to build upon this past work, by analysing and documenting the thinning (and fertilization) growth response and trends, 34 years since the initiation of the SLP project. This LOI is submitted under the New Research Projects, Timber Growth and Value Proponent-Driven Program category. Specifically, it falls under the Timber Growth and Value PAC Theme 2.0 - Design and analysis of silvicultural systems and Topic 2.2 - Even aged stands. While the fertilization component of the SLRF experiment falls under the priority topic area of Topic 2.2 (assessment and analysis of fertilization experiments or trials), the thinning treatment, which also falls under research theme 2.2 (interactions among silvicultural regimes), is not a priority topic area.
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