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Integrated Visual Design Planning for Selected Viewscapes on Tree Farm License 42
Hales, Shaun
The objective is to design visually appropriate leave and harvest area options in an integrated visual design for selected scenic area polygons. The number of visual polygons to be designed for each lake varies, and some contain more than one viewscape. In any case, the approx. total area to be designed for each area is: McKelvey - 1,157 ha; Stuart - 1, 718 ha; Trembleur - 1, 334 ha; Minno - 258 ha. TFL 42 is a relatively small landbase (48,985 ha) surrounded by major recreational lakes and a river on 3 sides. Management of the scenic areas within the TFL over time are key in ensuring impact on timber supply is minized while maximizing the visual value of this unique landbase.
Report Number
Integrated Visual Design Planning Report
McKelvey Landscape Map
Minno Lake Landscape Map
Stuart Lake Landscape Map
Trembleur Lake Landscape Map
McKelvey Block and Road Design Map
Minno Block and Road Design Map
Trembleur Block and Road Design Map
Stuart Block and Road Design Map

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