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Riparian Restoration Prescriptions for the Klanawa River
V.A. Poulin and Associates Ltd.
Western Forest Products Inc. (WFP) contracted V.A. Poulin & Associates Ltd., Vancouver, BC, to conduct an assessment of riparian areas identified by Horel (2008) on the Klanawa River and to prepare riparian prescriptions for implementation by restoration crews hired under the Jobs Opportunity Program and Forest Investment Account. The Klanawa River is a large Vancouver Island stream that drains into the Pacific Ocean 20 km south of Bamfield, British Columbia. Horel rated the West Fork of the river as having high to very high fisheries capacity and concluded that without intervention the river will remain a highly disturbed watershed for many years to come. Disturbance is due to past logging, a natural high rainfall and conversion of riparian stands from conifer dominated ecosystems to alder leading. Alders are a significant source of instability, contributing to bank loss, chronic erosion and channel widening. It is the leading tree species on low, middle bench and many high bench floodplain sites. Where conifers form continuous stands they resist flood flows, retain bank structure and slow channel widening. The purpose of this project is to undertake riparian assessments recommended by Horel (2008) and prescribe treatments to speed the recovery of the river?s floodplain.
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TFL 44 Klanawa Riparian Assessment and Restoration Prescriptions
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