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Effects of Operational Brushing on Conifers and Plant Communities in the Southern Interior of British Columbia: Results from PROBE 1991-2000 PRotocol for Operational Brushing Evaluations
Simard, S.W.
This Land Management Handbook contains a large amount of information on the effects of operational brushing treatments on conifers and plant communities in the Kamloops and Nelson forest regions. Data were collected over a 9-year period from 96 individual PROBE (PRotocol for Operational Brushing Evaluations) trials, and detailed parametric statistical analysis has now been carried out for eight different vegetation complexes. We have organized this document primarily by vegetation complex, so that information for each of the eight complexes is presented in individual sections that essentially "stand-alone." Each of these sections contains an abstract, an introduction, site descriptions, results, a discussion, conclusions, and management implications (Sections 4-11). The overall introduction, objectives, and methodology are contained in Sections 1-3, and an overall summary and management recommendation are presented in Section 12. Readers are referred to the overall summary and section abstracts for a quick synopsis of the study results. We could not include all PROBEsites in the analysis because not all combinations of "vegetation complex-brushing treatment-biogeoclimatic unit-conifer species" have been adequately replicated. Results from unreplicated treatments are summarized in the Appendices.
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Land Management Handbook 48 (complete document - low resolution)
Cover and Table of Contents (download high resolutions in 14 sections)
Section 1 Introduction (PDF file)
Section 2 Objectives
Section 3 Methods
Section 4 Fireweed Complex
Section 5 Fern Complex
Section 6 Mixed Shrub Complex
Section 7 Ericaceous Shrub and Subalpine Herb Complexes
Section 8 Dry Alder Complex
Section 9 Wet Alder Complex
Section 10 Aspen Complex
Section 11 Mixed Broadleaf-Shrub Complex
Section 12 Overall summary
Section 13 References
Section 14 Appendix 1 and 2

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