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Investigation of Kokanee Enhancement Opportunities in Okanagan Lake Tributary Streams: Volume 1 and Volume 2
Tredger, C.D.
Kokanee enhancement opportunities were investigated in three Okanagan Lake tributaries in 1986 by the Fisheries Improvement Unit. The approach was to assess existing escapements relative to current habitat conditions using weighted useable area analysis. Use curves for calculating WUA were verified and modified using habitat and kokanee density data collected in Peachland and Powers Creeks. WUA and kokanee capacity was estimated at observed flows in Peachland and Powers Creeks and at four modelled flows in lower Mission Creek. Current limiting factors were identified and enhancement opportunities discussed. Appropriate methodologies for future application to Okanagan tributaries were also described. In lower Mission Creek (to Ziprick Road), a maximum capacity of 234,000 spawning kokanee was estimated at a flow of 1.42 m3/s (22% MAD). The estimated capacity fell between the 1986 and historic maximum escapement estimates. The capacity of Powers Creek at 0.13 m3/s (17% MAD) was estimated at 36,000 kokanee, rough
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Investigation of Kokanee ... Volume 1
Investigation of Kokanee ... Volume 2

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