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Fish Passage Activity Summary 2008-09 Year 29.9km Morice Owen FSR
West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd
HoustonForest Products, a Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd., began a fish passage project #2779002 in the fall of 2008. The project was initiated to allow fish passage through a 1500mm metal culvert located at 29.9km on the Morice Owen FSR south of Houston,BC. This culvert was assigned a Parker Assessment Score of 40 during a Fish Passage Culvert Inspection project funded through the Watershed Rehabilitation Program in 2000. The culvert is perched and this is a barrier to fish passage. By addressing this barrier, an additional 600m (75%) of available fish habitat inthe stream woul be accessed. The culvert presently has approximately 4m of fill over top of it and is located on the main logging road south of Houston. This project was looking at providing a cost effective means of addressing the barrier through possible modification of the culver and the channel downstream to raise the stream bed up to a level that would allow fish passage. AllNorth Consultants Limited was contracted to carry out the site plan and design for this fish passage work. The site plan was completed in October 2008 at a cost of $3500. The result of the site plan determined that the pressent culvert was undersized and would not address calculated Q10 flows. In addition, any works to address the perched culvert and associated channel scour below it would only result in a further reduction in available fish habitat below the culvert by movingthe scouring action further down the stream. Upon review of this informaiton, Houston Forest Products suspended further work on this project. The watershed that this culver was located in was not priority for Fish Passage Targeted funding in 2008 (ranked 9th out of 12 in the Skeena). Houston Forest Products will continue to monitor the priority of this watershed und the Fish Passage Targeted Funding and may apply for further funding to replace this culvert with an open bottomed structure in a future year.
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