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LPC WESBOGY Dawson Creek: journal for 2005 assessment
Highland Forestry
[See FIA #4444007 for original project] Each plot in both locations (Sukunka Valley opening # 93P022 - 21 and 93P032 - 15, as well as Cutbank Lake 93P040 - 28) had spring maintenance done as per the WESBOGY manual which included brush mat maintenance and replanting. Also, permanent plot centers rods and expansion plot corner rods and materials (e.g. numbered tree tags) were purchased and put in place to prepare for the 5th year thinning/plot expansion work in the fall. Each plot in both installations had the fifth year measurement done as per the WESBOGY manual. The fifth year plot thinning and expansions outlined in the manual took place on the entire Cutbank Installation and the original 15 plots in the Sukunka Valley Installation. Signs were also put into these sites to help prevent unintentional destruction by other resource users. The Cutbank Lake installation is 15 paired growth and yield plots (all in one opening) The Sukunka installation is also 15 paired G&Y plots, but are in two different openings and each set of 15 was established at a different time (the second set were put in a few years after the first to replace the original ones destroyed by the oil and gas industry).
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Journal for 2005 Assessment
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