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A Range of Natural Variability (RONV) Strategy for Canadian Forest Products Ltd in the Invermere TSA
Symmetree Consulting Group Ltd.
[excerpts from report] Range of natural variability (RONV), based on an understanding of trends in past ecological conditions and processes, is useful when considering the ecological risks posed by management in forested landscapes today and the future. An important aspect to such an approach is a firm understanding of the natural or historic conditions and range of disturbances that over time have allowed for the general variety of landscape patterns, stand structures and species that characterize an area. RONV then acts as an instructive benchmark that helps to explain the development of natural landscapes with their assemblages of species. When this benchmark is explored in the context of current and anticipated future conditions and influences, specifically those created by forest management and climate change, ecological vulnerabilities become apparent. Because RONV is relative to the background endemic climate and other biophysical characteristics, we will describe it using the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) subzone for portions of the Invermere TSA of interest to Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
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