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Handbook for Timber and Mule Deer Management Co-ordination on Winter Ranges in the Cariboo Forest Region
Armleder, H.M.
This handbook is a field guide. It provides forest and wildlife managers with the information necessary to co-ordinate mule deer and timber management on deer winter range in the Cariboo Forest Region. It is not meant to be used as the sole determinant of whether logging should take place on a particular winter range: resource managers must make those decisions considering also regional objectives and priorities. It is, however, intended to aid managers in weighing the options for winter range management. If a decision has been made to harvest, the handbook describes how it should be done and includes detailed instructions for the logging contractor.
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Land Management Handbook 13 (complete document)
Cover to page 22 (Download is 7 parts)
Page 23 to page 30
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