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Ecosystem based harvesting effectiveness monitoring: Terrestrial Salamander Project (2005) : CanFor TFL 37, Woss, BC
Manning, Cooper and Associates Ltd.
CanFor Ltd. is committed to sustainable forestry management and is a leader in managing biodiversity values in the industrial forest landscape. Several key wildlife species are being monitored in TFL 37 as detailed in CanFor's Sustainable Forest Management Plan. In 2004, terrestrial salamanders were chosen as an indicator group for forest floor biodiversity and studies were initiated to begin long term monitoring. A stand level monitoring program, following RISC standards, was set up by establishing sampling arrays (each with 17 stations) of artificial cover objects (ACOs) in 14 different blocks in TFL 37. Ten arrays were placed in partial retention cut blocks where harvesting had occurred within 5 years, and four in uncut reference areas of mature or old-growth forest. Half of the blocks were classified as NDT1 disturbance regime (gap dynamics) areas, the rest as NDT2 (fire disturbance) areas. ACOs were put in place on sites in May, June, and October 2004. In consultation with CanFor, Manning, Cooper and Associates Ltd developed a plan to monitor birds to determine the effectiveness of CanFor's ecosystem-based management at the landscape and stand levels in maintaining a broader suite of wildlife species than those designated as indicators in the SFMP (Manning, Cooper and Associates 2004a). The focal groups of birds are songbirds and woodpeckers, but raptors and other birds detectable by aural methods, such as grouse, are included. Squirrels were also surveyed because they are important food for Northern Goshawks, which is a focal species for management in CanFor's TFL 37 (Manning, Cooper and Associates 2004b). This report details the results of the third year (2005) of the songbird/woodpecker monitoring program. prepared by Manning, Cooper and Associates.
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Salamander Monitoring Report
Songbird Monitoring Report

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