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Revision of the biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification for the former Nelson forest region: a problem analysis
Lloyd, Dennis
Funding has contributed to increasing the database used to develop the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) for the former Nelson Region (NFR) from 1340 plots to 7964 sample plots. Some of the data was acquired and easily converted to a common database, however, 1408 of these plots require partial or complete data entry from the original field cards. The resultant database has been used to complete a gap analysis to determine the sampling deficiencies and to identify future BEC sampling priorities for the former Nelson Forest Region. Data acquired during this process has also been merged with data for biogeoclimatic units that also occur on the adjoining Kamloops Forest Region. In turn, a revised BEC classification has been developed for 31% of the NFR. The results have been documented as draft ' Field Guide to the Identification of Biogeoclimatic Ecosystems for the Wetbelt of the Southern Interior'. A problem analysis/gap analysis report will be available in mid May as the final deliverable for this project. Dennis Lloyd et al.
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