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Invasive Plant Strategic Plan Boundary
Stewart, Barb
Invasive plants are a serious problem in the Boundary, infesting over 65,000 ha. Invasive plants are adapted to invade and dominate many sites, displacing native or desirable species. In the absence of management, these plants will continue to dominate the site. The effects of weed invasions are widespread and affect many aspects of our lives. They cost ranchers, farmers, conservation organizations, utility companies, governments and the general public untold millions of dollars each year in lost productivity and increased management costs. They transform the landscape and in doing so undermine the economic and environmental health of the areas they infest. The Boundary Weed Management Committee was initiated in 1998 in response to public pressure to improve invasive plant mangement in the Boundary. The overriding objective of the committee is to work cooperatively to effectively manage invasive plants in the Boundary to protect all natural resources from further negative impacts. This is being achieved through a multifaceted program that provides extension services to the public, encourages management by all affected parties and coordinates treatment efforts of all participants and stakeholders in an effective and cost efficient manner.
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Invasive Plant Management Strategy (Version 1)
Invasive Plant Management Strategy (Version 2)

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