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Skull Resource Management Zone Pre-Burn Inventory Report: Effects of fire simulated timber harvest on Mule Deer winter habitat and use
van Woudenberg, Astrid M.
This project will encompass of the analysis of the data collected during the pre-burn phase of the Skull Extension Project. This will include: Continuance of data analysis: Early and late winter relationship analysis between deer activity and micro-site features in order to compare harvest vs unharvested treatments This project phase will complete all pre-burn mule deer data analyses, including addressing those recommendations made in the 2006-07 summary report. The analyses will be a successive process, where one step leads to the next, investigating relationships between variables, such as deer activity and terrain features; deer activity and forest cover features. To some extent, the relationship between deer activity and forest cover features was completed in 2006-07, however, both early and late winter data were combined and similar tests segregating these data need to be completed. Continuance of data analysis: Comparison of harvest vs unharvested vegetation communities This project phase will address pre-burn vegetation data only. Data analysis will include detailed vegetation information collected in one year during the snow-free season using line intercepts (shrubs, ie: forage) and forest plots (forest cover). As well, shrub information collected annually in forest and deer plots along transects during mule deer winter range sampling in early and late winter may be used as well. Continuance of data analysis: Examine any relationship, if possible, between vegetation in treatments and mule deer activity. This project phase will combine the previous two phases, if possible, in an attempt to show effects of vegetation on deer activity by identifying any linkages. The type of statistical test selected/possible will permit a level of confidence and potentially distinguish between an association of vegetation and activity and a cause and effect. Reporting Reporting will involve two deliverables that address and finalize all pre-burn mule deer project data and bring the Pre-burn Mule Deer Winter Range Component to completion: both reports will detail forest management guidelines for mule deer winter range: 1) A technical report that will either be a manuscript submission to a peer reviewed journal or an inventory status report; it is possible that there could be a combination of the two: a journal submission on a component of the results and an inventory report covering all results, including any trends that may not have been statistically rigorous. 2) A summary document for forest professionals describing the conclusions of the technical report.
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Mule Deer Winter Range Management Guide
Pre-Burn Inventory Report

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