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Annual Compendium of Aquatic Rehabilation Projects for the Watershed Restoration Program 1999-2000
Watershed Restoration Program
The Watershed Restoration Program (WRP) of British Columbia was implemented under the Province's Forest Renewal Plan in mid-1994 in response to a historical lack of mechanisms for ensuring rehabilitation of hillslopes, riparian areas and streams negatively effected by logging. In combination with the Forest Practices Code, WRP provides an opportunity to improve water quality and reverse fish habitat losses. This watershed-level program recognizes the top-down linkages of roads, gullies, and streams. Initially, between 75 and 80% of expenditures were directed at hillslopes (summarized by the Ministry of Forests). Between 20 and 25% of expenditures have been directed towards streams and these projects are reported on in this document, by the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks. The proportion of aquatic projects will increase over the next three years in order to meet the strategic target of Forest Renewal BC to complete restoration of 20% of the high priority or key watersheds prior to the year 2004. Funding is provided by Forest Renewal BC.
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