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Landslide Risk Case Studies in Forest Development Planning and Operations
Wise, M.P.
This document was produced for Resource Tenures and Engineering Branch by Research Branch. This handbook presents a framework for landslide risk management, describes technical terms and methods of landslide risk analysis, and presents 8 case studies prepared by experienced and knowledgeable terrain stability professionals. It has been prepared for both terrain stability professionals and forest resource managers. The objectives of the case studies are: to demonstrate approaches for the analysis of landslide risk in forest development, based on a common framework, terms and concepts; to illustrate different types of analyses for estimating landslide probability and consequence for cases with differing site conditions and elements; and to highlight the application of current terrain stability research in professional practice in the BC Forest Sector.
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Land Management Handbook 56 (low resolution - bookmarks included)
Land Management Handbook 56 (high resolution - bookmarks not included)

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