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Project completion abstract for April 2004 phase of Mahatta River riparian restoration project, Mahatta River Watershed, Coast Region/ North Island-Central Coast Forest District
Voth, Brian
The riparian area covered by this project extends from the TFL 6 boundary to approximately 2.5 km upstream of the 17 km bridge on the Mahatta mainline. The project is the product of a Level 2 riparian assessment completed by V. Poulin and B. Simmons on March 14-15, 2002. The assessment followed recommendations contained in the report entitled: Riparian Overview and Level 1 Assessment of Goodspeed, Mahatta, and Keogh Rivers ? Preliminary Recommendations for Riparian Restoration, by V. Poulin and B. Simmons, March 2001. Initial riparian treatments of spacing, girdling, topping, and creation of scars and slots were completed in the Fall of 2002. In the spring of 2003, most areas with a lack of conifers were brushed and planted. The brushing and planting phase was completed in the Spring of 2004.
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